Thursday, March 31, 2011

contemplating hell and hand-baskets***

The past few years people have said that this country has gone to hell in a hand-basket.

And who can blame them?

Raising SS benefits to 67? THE NERVE!
Now my whole life is screwed. I had big plans. BIG PLANS, I tell you.

While working in Vegas a few weeks ago (let's get this out here right now, that this was legitimate work in Vegas, nothing involving poles, or rhinestone studded pasties.) I got sucked into watching a PBS-athon featuring Suze Orman on my time off; mostly it was fascination over her giant white teeth, and perhaps the ever perplexing wonder if her giant gold earrings are in fact clip-ons.

But, she said some things that were really interesting...I mean I only caught part of the interest because I had no intention of ordering whatever she was selling to be completely interested; I'll live with the curiosity, and keep my money.

The gist:
I am never going to be able to retire.
Because I am wrapped up with the rest of the self entitled yuppie offspring from the 80's, who don't know how to spend or save money.

I had visions of me sitting on my old demi-wrinkled (thank you botox) bottom playing "air solitaire" (because it will have been invented by then) surrounded by my cats, my butler, maid, and pool boy, sipping virgin mojitos...

Now that vision is gone... It is gone because of people like Suze Orman and her realism.
Who charges money, to tell us how to save money. Does anyone else find this ironic?

I am already in a hand-basket.
(which I still have no clue to the meaning of this saying)


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Stephanie said...

Question: Why were you watching PBS in Vegas? Well actually ever?

Thanks for ruining my dreams of retirement.