Thursday, August 16, 2007

False: Truths: and NOT's

I am having one of those days. One of those bitter “I am pissed at the world so watch out” sort of days. I mean, not that I care or anything.

So something BIG is going on in my life right now and the people I have come to rely on use this item to their advantage. (To get off work, to display in the family gossip circle, to get sympathy when they aren’t even the ones going through it.)

My mom always told me that friends weren’t the ones that would be there for me; that family would always be there for me and that friends would come and go. FALSE
It seems that sometimes family can hurt you more than friends ever would. You see family knows your vulnerability and weaknesses, they know you inside and out. So when they want to hurt you they can very deeply; even if they aren’t meaning to.
TRUTH: The people that have been there for me lately are the people who shouldn’t have to care but just do, the people that ask me how I am doing not because they are obligated to but because they actually DO care. And here is a HINT: none of them are family.
So here is my list of NOT’s-sometimes I think people may need a reminder.

I am NOT your content of conversation with ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
I am NOT to be enrolled as the topic of gossip in the family circle.
I am NOT your excuse to leave from work so that you can be with me; when in reality you go off and do other things and aren’t with me at all.
I am NOT your case of charity or sympathy work; I am not in such a sad state where you are being a Good Samaritan, if you feel obligated it isn’t sincere.
I am NOT comfortable talking about it with EVERYONE, so please don’t share it.
I do NOT need to be babied. I am not so fragile.
I do NOT need to hear your “Sorry’s”. If you are sorry, I know and you do not need to say it over and over and over and over and over and over and over…got the picture?
I am NOT dead, dying, or on the brink of anything remotely like it, so quit treating me as such.
I do NOT like crying in front of people, so please don’t bring it up in public.
I am NOT your business, my life is NOT your business, and my health is NOT your business unless I say otherwise.


Stephanie said...

I love your blog! Your so creative.

Kalli Ko said...

I agree wholly.

if i wanted to talk about it, I would.

I relate.