Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let me be your Rock of Love....

Ok, so Guilty pleasure number 2 time!

Seriously you people probably think I watch the most horrible shows on TV, and I do. no judging.

Well this guilty pleasure actually came about last year...Brett Michaels (yummdelicious) decides to host a dating reality show called ROCK OF LOVE....pure brilliance. I watched every week with enthuse. So when the finally came up and Jess (the girl I loved for him, but she just wasn't feeling him back in the end) didn't go with him I knew deep down there would be a season 2. And I was right! Be it my intuition or the fact that VH1 milks all of these dating shows: Flavor of Love, I Love New York, etc.

Well thus far Season 2 has NOT and I repeat has NOT disappointed. Although I am not sure if I have found a girl to root for (last year as I mentioned it was Jess) I also think that the girls are a lot prettier on this season....especially since Bret kicked off this french chick named Angelique....she looked like a mannish blow fish...no lie....anywho...

I like this show, and I am going to plug my dear friend Kira Joy, because she too likes this show. We are Kindred for Bret....she even went to his concert...(I saw her pics on Facebook) and I don't care what anyone says Bret is hot! I don't care, don't try to tell me otherwise you boogers.


Kira Joy said...

I have been dying to ask you if you have been watching!

(This is so embarrassing...last season, I totally had to get on the website to read Heather and Jes's stories about what happened after...whoa, scandal, Jes was just doing it to get famous...whore...too bad for Bret and VH1, they have to come up with a whole new season of the station's biggest show ever)

Oh my gosh...Angelique...I am kinda sad she is gone, she would have made for hours of good trashy tv. (I love how they would put subtitles of what she was saying, but phonetically, "Ziz is a party. Why do zeze gurls not take zeir cloze off?") She totally looks like she is wearing a snorkle mask and has two huge floaties on her chest.

And Catherine's hair...what the?

And is Bret blind!!?...he totally thought those girls were using their VIP passes because "they really wanted to talk to him" and blew past the idea that they were totally sabotaging Kristina's (is that her name?) BBQ date.

Kira Joy said...

Will you stay here and continue to rock my world?

Kira Joy said...

PS: (wow...way too many posts in one place) Bret is HOT!

Reagan said...

OMG! I didnt know that! And here I was rooting for Jess! NO! Oh well I didnt like Heather...she was MANISH! Oh and honey, did you even need to ask if I was watching? Helz yeah!

Yeah, tis true they should have kept the blow-fish on for viewing sake, like Lacey! So did you see lacey on this last weeks episode? she got chubby..maybe it was just camera weight...but I like to think she got chubby after Bret dumped her.

OK CATHERINE? WTF Like fem mullet? I dont know either....she reminds me of those white trash glory days women who cannot seem to get over the fact they are 20 or in the 80's anymore....new do please!

Oh I felt bad for that chick...I dont remember her name! I know...it should have been especially evident after Daisy came out like 3 minutes later...um Bret hello? Oh the things they dont teach you in ROck school. lol

And yes, Baby I would love to stay and rock your world.

3 postz ziz great zin my book! (I can speak french too see?) lol