Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Vote or Not to Vote...

So here is the cheese...
I so don't want to vote.

McCain and Palin-
Old guy and Tina Fey-look-alike.

McCain creeps me out, and frankly looks like someone who would kick his dog. I get that he is a war hero, many kudos to that and I shant take that away from him-but isn't that all the more reason to think that he might snap and one day nuke Arkansas? (which wouldn't be missed, let's face it) And, I don't believe him all of the way; I think he totally did grass once upon a time. He also has a possibly Indian daughter, who he never mentions...I don't dig being ashamed of your children, be they illegitimate embarrassments or adopted embarrassments. One of his sons is kind of hot, I possibly dig him.

Sara looks like that sexy English teacher I never had, that morphs into a White-Snake video in the 80's on top of a classic vintage auto. I get that she is a mom to many, but I would like to know if her tubes have been tied or if we shall expect a pregnant woman in the office? Because pregnant women are sometimes unstable and have hormones that tell them to kill; and McCain probably wouldn't take much convincing...then BAM there goes Iowa (which again wouldn't be missed). I also don't trust her judgement because she names her children odd names. She and Obama's momma need to get together and take a class on 'how not to get your kid beat up at school because of their name'.

Obama and Bidin-
The Cool kid in school, and the nerd who won't leave him alone

Obama Hussein? His mother obviously didn't plan for his future career in politics like my mother did; not his fault, but he could have changed out the Hussein part. His wife has a slightly lazy eye, which makes her hard for me to watch. I don't know if I can handle her giving speeches to school children and scaring them for the next 4-8 years, and ending up with another Edgar Allen Poe incident. O' man also acts like he is friends with Hil-Who frankly has no soul...and possibly is related to Beelzebub. Also the Rev Jackson, and Sharpton adore him, and if he thinks they are okay then he is obviously not mentally capable of living in a house with the title 'white'-and I do not believe in renaming historic monuments for Reverends with no congregations. Also sometimes I think he is run by Oprah, who also has no soul...and I might be dead tomorrow for saying that.

Joe, Joe, Joe...He and Nancy P totally have something going on...I know it. I can tell by those rare opportunity eye shifting glances on CSPAN. Also Joe might be friends with John Edwards, who is just plain stupid, and may have something going on with Hil's son-daughter Chelsie, who is related to Hilary, who as mentioned above is related to someone in Hell. Also he acts like he is friends with everyone, when you know that he was that one goober in high school who no one talked to until the cool black kid said it was okay to like him. Joe it totally riding on Obama's coat tails. In 4-8 years he will do some documentary that will win him a lame Nobel prize; I don't like over-achievers.

So there we have it....decisions, decisions.

If I vote McCain-Tina Fey-Palin- I get celebs like:
Dean Cain
James Caan
Jon Voight
Robert Davi
Lou Ferrigno
Adam Carolla
Lacy Chabert
Angie Harmon
Victoria Jackson
Gerald McRaney
Jon Cryer
Lorenzo Lamas
Kevin Sorbo
Patricia Heaton
George Newbern
Robert Duvall
Jerry Bruckheimer
Heidi Montag (gag me...like she even knows what voting is)

And Obama has everyone else cool in Hollywood...

I guess the real question is this:
Do I vote for who everyone else thinks is cool and be a 'sheep' and jump off the cliff? (sorry, but half of the voters are doing it cause it's 'popular'-grow up maybe?)
Do I go against the norm and take the odds that my candidate won't be hooked to a catheter in 2 years? (Make my NRA lovin' ancestors proud)


I think I will just write in my own name. Plus if the economy isn't fixed soon and they raise our taxes, I will go all 'Boston Tea Party' on this country and place feces in some Starbucks coffee bins that are headed for DC.

This possibly could be the year for Ross Perot and the Green Party.

PEROT 08'!



Kaakun said...


you write in the
Nakano/Florence ticket.


oh well if we add our ages we might be old enough.. and we'll through juan in just to be safe...

a 3-headed sports fan...

Russia is taking over who?
whatever its... sunday...its a day of rest... with football... i'll get to it on Tuesday.

Kaakun said...


Reagan said...

Okay, fine...
Nakano/Florence ticket.
We can get the large Blonde-Asian voter population out there.

Kalli Ko said...

are you blonde again?

and yes, lunch this week or next week, whatever

and it's like you read my MIND with this post. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

Blair said...
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Michelle said...

ha ... i don't blame you for not wanting to vote. i think more than a good portion of the people i know don't want to vote.

oh and i'm stopping by to say hi since it's been years since i've seen/talked to you. :)

Adam and Melissa said...

I love you so much right now, I laughed so hard! You are awesome, I especially loved the part about Hillary.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Kudos to you for giving this year's election players blog time. I don't have the energy for it. My head is shaking back in forth in shame for the travishamockery of our great leader selection. How did it come to these two?

I may write in "Reagan" too!

Kristina P. said...

Reagan, I will totally vote for you. Or for President Palmer, from "24."

Thanks for your comment! I love blog stalkers, and stalking! I'm adding you to my Reader right now, and I will be back!