Thursday, September 10, 2009

Agenda According to Reagan...


1. All politicians are corrupt, the ones who say they aren't corrupt are likely more corrupt than the ones who admit that they are indeed corrupt.

2. Welfare should be for the poor, not the lazy who want to mooch their way through college so they don't have to get a real job- while the true poor suffer further and further out there in the 'real world'. You moochers are disgusting, dishonest pigs, and I have no nicer way of putting it.

3. LOVES that people who are still on their 'mommy and daddy's' health care plans (and are not paying a dime for it) are talking about health care reform. Get a job. Pay taxes. Pay for your own damn health care. THEN see how you feel.

4. Does indeed believe something needs to be done about health care. We live in one of the best countries in the world, yet the stratification of health care is sickening. HOWEVER why don't we think our plans through a little more? It seems like something that should be more thought out than a few months of self interest based tripe. BECAUSE, we are going to allow people (as in #2) to further become the mosquitoes of society. Congratulations America, we are about to breed a generation of con artists.

5. Politicians care about 2 things. Firstly, how many times their name appears in the newspaper throughout their political career. And secondly, that AFTER their political career they have drained enough out of the public with idiotic bills (that one has to be a good idea eventually), that they get a library erected in their name. Narcissism at it's finest folks.

6. Land of the Free?!? Why don't you ask our future generations that, when they're paying for surgeries, bills, bailouts, and bankruptcies that proceeded them by decades and decades because of us. What kind of future are we leaving our children?

7. Our President is not the adversary nor the savior, and people should stop treating him as either of the two. He is a man, susceptible to both good and bad opinions, decisions, and advisers. Either way, he IS our president. If he has a message for children to promote education, to stay in school, and to love learning- and they show that in schools, YOU should allow your children to listen to it without a permission slip. Eventually your children will grow up and have to think for themselves.

8. Hollywood. Get. Out. Of. Government. Here's an idea to Pitt, Jolie, and the rest of you. Take your 34 million dollar check on your next movie and give it to someone who needs it. Better yet, all you Hollywood snobs combine some money and help get the nation out of debt, considering WE PUBLIC are the one's who made you rich. You talk about taxes and reform, how much is it going to hurt you? With your private doctors and your private investors? No one cares, except 18 year old idiots who put more thought into the color of lip gloss they are going to wear on Friday.

9. Voting. There should be an exam to allow people to vote. I believe citizens of this country should know SOMETHING about government, policy, and democracy BEFORE they are allowed to touch the polls. Education is a tool that every person should have, yet most people could care less that they have. We should not vote on policies and people simply because they're cool, sound awesome, and allow us to be lazy. We are a generation of lemmings.

10. I am sick of feeling like a joke. I have been out of this beautiful country several times, when I return sometimes I feel like I am being kicked between the legs. Where is the country I used to be proud of? Where is the country that was once so self reliant, and not others reliant? I feel as though we are falling apart, and yet we are the "big brother" to so many others in the world. What we have, we are destroying. What was bad, is being made worse. We are a nation that gives hope to people, but I fear that hope is fading. "Give me your tired, your poor" should now read, "We have plenty of tired, and poor, stay where you're at."

AND that's all I have to say about that.


Cathryn Matheson said...

Love it. I'm trying really hard not to re-post chunks on facebook. :P

Lacking Productivity said...

Ahhh. Refreshing to hear somebody say that Obama is neither the best nor the worst. I feel like those are the only two opinions out there, but he is human, just like the rest of us, with good and bad.

Sheri said...

Amen to everything you've said! I think you and Neil would get along quite nicely! He has 2 blogs devoted entirely to this kind of stuff.

Blasé said...

#1 You learn quick, my young friend!

#9 Voting doesn't accomplish anything. It is a ploy. Those in power will do what then want to do.

Nomad said...

i sort of love you...